Negaraweb.com - Accessing news through the internet has become a lifestyle. Along with the current we try to be here to complement the choices and needs of readers, hoping to make your life more colorful.

Why Negara Web?

It is undeniable that locality and love for a place of origin or origin exist in every human being. Therefore all events, news or excitement will always be of interest to those who are involved in it. Trying to fulfill the need and longing for news and stories, negaraweb.com is here to offer news site content that tells more about Indonesia.

In line with the spirit to give the best for our beloved Bandung, of course, we don't just offer news.

We also provide a very wide space for the public and communities to participate in providing information through the channel. 

So, our big dream is that negaraweb.com will not only be a place to find news, but also a big house for community interaction and information in Indonesia. Hopefully.

Negaraweb.com presents various information about the world of technology, gadgets, as well as some tips related to problems on Android devices.

who is the admin behind this simple blog !!! This simple blog / web was formed because the previous blog  was deleted by google because it violated google rules, then the new Negaraweb.com blog reappeared to improve the articles that were made. This blog is a collection of my personal experiences in every event and this blog brings about the latest information from all points of view, from tutorials, tips, tricks to the latest and hottest news in cyberspace, let's keep on updating this blog every day to get sharp information and Trusted.

NB: If you want to know about the Negaraweb.com Blog Admin, please read this article: My testimony is strengthening. There are many shortcomings that we provide, so all criticism and suggestions are needed from friends so that this blog can stay awake. If you have complaints and feel disadvantaged by the articles in this blog, please provide suggestions in the comments column, thank you.

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